COIPA ENERGY S.A jointly with GCL

offers the following services:

  • Engineering services;
  • Energy Services Company (ESCO);
  • Solutions to controversies with authorizing offices
  • Legal advice and financial-economic services
  • Installation and mounting of energy-producing plants
  • Project management.


For Companies and Private Individuals who want to build Photovoltaic Plants, the product we offer is called.


COIPA ENERGY S.A has developed a specifically ECO-FINANCE dedicated section, namely, a section that deals with all matters regarding investments in plants used to produce energy from renewable sources, especially Photovoltaic Plants.  In view of customers’ energy-related needs, their economic and financial profile, the logistics and data collected during on-site inspections of the areas and surfaces where the plant is to be installed,


COIPA ENERGY S.A can design the plant and draw up a specific “SOLAR PROJECT” which includes 7 Chapters as follows:

  • A feasibility study and plant location
  • Analysis of the plant technical features, and preparation of a cost estimate
  • Setting safety measures for the Construction Site
  • Productivity inspection using a monitoring system
  • Finding financial resources for the investment as a whole
  • Elaboration of the Business Plan – Calculation of the R.O.I. (Return on Investments)
  • Time scheduling and achievement of work.

SOLAR PROJECT” FOR COMPANIS AND PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS A perfect method to build Photovoltaic plants

1. Study of the plant logistic and location

It is absolutely necessary to choose the correct location for the photovoltaic plant in order to guarantee its maximum productivity. It is for this reason that COIPA ENERGY S.A carries out accurate analysis of the logistics through a meticulous on-site inspection, and studies the land registry plans and satellite images. This makes it possible to determine the ideal arrangement of the photovoltaic modules, while respecting architectonic and environmental standards.

2. Analysis of the plant technical feature, and preparation of a cost estimate

After having determined the plant dimensions and kWps, a detailed Technical Data Sheet of the proposed plant together with the relating description of the technological features shall be submitted. These documents shall include an accurately-prepared cost estimate for the plant creation. This estimate shall include the supply, mounting, and testing of regulation-conforming photovoltaic system. The estimate shall also include qualified technical and bureaucratic management of relations with concerned authorities and with the power supplier.

3. Setting safety measures for the Construction Site

As for safety, COIPA ENERGY S.A shall prepare and give a cost estimate of all the necessary activities in the construction site, and the needed devices and equipment, in order to guarantee full safety of the construction site.

4. Study of the plant logistic and location

In order to better assure the Customer, and provide correct and constant monitoring of the plant productivity, COIPA ENERGY S.A shall determine the most effective and compatible system for the chosen plant. This system can be even remote-controlled or web-controlled.