Solar Cube

20K / 50K

Solution Description

The Solar Cube’s ingenuity stems from combining photovoltaic systems (PV) with diesel generators (DG). Suitable for areas with small populations and weak power supply, the Solar Cube utilizes green energy sourced from PV, while assuring reliable diesel generated energy in extreme environmental conditions. The hybrid system is well balanced between CAPEX and OPEX, offering a highly efficient solution for rural electrification.

Application Scenarios

Small Islands

Seawater desalination,
base transceiver station,and household appliances


Water pumps, lights, and food storage

Remote Villages

Lights, refrigerators, healthcare, water pumps,
and base transceiver stations

Distribution Box

Machines, lights, and fans

Customize Your Solar Station

Distribution Box

AC Distribution Box, Switches and Meter

Three-Phase Off-Grid Inverter

Adapts to integrated design of solar controller, inverter and isolated transformer
– MPPT Control
– Intelligent battery management system and excellent overload performance

Energy Storage

Battery rack with modular battery, BMS, and switches
– Modular design
– Reliable operation

Mounting Rack

Optimal structural design with aluminum alloy or galvanized steel
– Reduces labor costs & building’s footprints

Monitor Software

– Smart control panel
– Silent generator

PV Module

– Highly efficient, state-of-the-art technology