2.5 MW Solar Block


Solution Description

The Super 2.5 MW Solar Block is a power generation unit built to supply energy to solar power plants. Developed from the most advanced components on the market, the Super 2.5 MW Solar Block is cost-effective and maximizes space efficiency. The strategic design of the Solar Block ensures decades of reliable operation, even in extreme environmental conditions.

Advantages & Features

96 Cell Solar Panel. Reduction of panel fixture and electrical connection labors due to heavy size.Optimized internal circuits for horizontal single axis tracker

Horizontal Single Axis Tracker. Speeds up construction process.Increases space efficiency and energy yield

1500 V DC technology. All components apply with 1500 V DC standards.Ensures lower costs in cabling and power conversion, leading to high system efficiency

The All-in-One Inverter Power Container. Specially developed 2 MVA power container.Includes two 1000 kW inverters with 1500 V DC System voltage, and one MV transformer

Customize Your Solar Station

Solar Panel

All-in-One Inverter Power Container

Electric Cabinet

16 in 1 Out with String Monitoring


Miscellaneous DC and AC Cable


GCL Horizontal Single Axis Tracker

Monitor Software

GCL Integrated SCADA System