WIND POWER” SERVICES our product is called “EOLO PROJECT

COIPA ENERGY S.A proposes the elaboration of full designs for wind power plants and their creation in conformity with the E.P.C. formula (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) or “Turn-key solution”. This includes:

  • Locating the suitable area for installation
  • Preparation of the field for the implementation of anemometric campaigns to obtain an external qualified body certification for the site.
  • Performance of transactions regarding authorizations and environmental-related issues (Environmental impact assessment “V.I.A.”) in order to obtain the permission for the usability and operational status of the field.
  • Detailed design of the project for the civil and electric works and electricity selling.
  • Transport, building, and mounting of wind generators and of all the facilities that let the field enter into production
  • Project Management.