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We are committed to renewable energy solutions that protect and preserve our planet for future generations.


We drive progress with cutting-edge technology and innovative practices, ensuring efficient and reliable energy for all.


We prioritize the well-being of our communities, fostering growth and supporting local initiatives through our energy solutions.

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COIPA ENERGY boasts a multi-year experience in providing support and assistance to both private and public companies. The company specializes in private consulting on the engineering of complex industrial processes in the field of energy production, encompassing both renewable and traditional sources.

COIPA ENERGY is staffed by highly-qualified professionals with excellent skills and a solid track record of operational experience and production capabilities. Over time, this has enabled the formation of a flexible, specialized, and versatile team capable of delivering services accurately, reliably, and with a client-friendly approach.

COIPA ENERGY aims to be a comprehensive multi-task partner, capable of managing all aspects of any project. The company conducts feasibility studies, proposes the most reliable, sustainable, and legally compliant solutions, and ensures optimal conditions throughout the entire production and managerial cycle.

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A Clean Energy Future

Developing a hydrogen economy marks a significant shift in clean energy delivery.
It complements widespread electrification by introducing a new energy vector, creating
immense opportunities for economic growth and decarbonization. However,
cost reduction is crucial to accelerate domestic production towards 2030 targets.

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Sustainability & Ethics,

Serving Since
Serving Since
Serving Since

Vito Favorito Sciammarella
Chief Executive Officer

For over 47 years, I have dedicated myself to developing industrial businesses in the energy, mining, and communications sectors globally. This journey has endowed me with extensive experience in negotiating with governments and international stakeholders, leading to numerous successful outcomes in energy exploration, development, transportation, and commercialization, particularly with major international partners in Africa, the Middle and Far East, and Central and South America.

Our long-term vision is grounded in the effective management of people, resources, communities, and the environment—because it simply makes good business sense. Our strength lies in crafting unique and sophisticated solutions for challenging environments. The secret to our success is our ability to attract top-tier talent and remain at the cutting edge of technology.

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