About Us


  • COIPA, is born of the great entrepreneurial experience of its management team all over the world, developing ambitious strategy and investing in traditional and emerging industries and pursuing a policy of strategies of international alliances, mergers, acquisitions, and strongly believing in developing with innovation and modernization, with ambitious goals, in mining sector, renewable energy, real estate, industrial and large public infrastructure in different geographical area;
  • The competencies of the companies involved, brought together, will create huge work opportunities, aimed at the following results;
  • Enhancement of the respective skills and specificities through an accreditation system recognized by the economic operators, contributing to the development of the States and creating cooperation and common investment opportunities;
  • Establishment of institutional relationships aimed at new projects for the development of specific geographical areas; obtaining job orders in the field of economic engineering in general, and in particular in the field of investments, financing, business plans, feasibility studies, profitability and risk analyses, contract schemes, budgeting, time, cost and resource estimate and audit, planning, scheduling, economic and financial audit;
  • Development of public and private investment projects, cooperation with associations, entities, public and private institutions to glimpse present opportunities and create new ones;
  • We believe that our success would not be full and complete if we did not participate in the construction of a better world: a world rich in options and opportunities, which throws its doors open to an expanding economy, where all may share success and results;
  • We believe that we can help create a world which may offer better opportunities and growing wealth and where Peace reigns supreme;

            Vito Favorito Sciammarella

                Chief Executive Officer


Reliability, honesty, quality, together with technological advancement, are the principles on which we have founded our history and on which we depend to build our future. However, efficient work needs very quick and highly flexible evolution in expertise and professional skills.

Therefore, COIPA ENERGY S.A is a reliable partner, capable of meeting Customers’ needs within the shortest time and with the best quality possible. Our reference model is based on constantly maximizing our know-how, skills and resources, both individual and corporate. These points are necessary to determine the best solution to technical and project-relating problems that can be faced.

Our aim is to give support to Companies, Public Bodies, Universities, University Technical Studies – or else, to all potential interested entities –, and to provide multi-disciplinary and full services in the field of energy sources, environment-related problems, and analysis of industrial processes, so that we can become a consolidated reference point to find organizational, project-related, with technical and operating solutions.